LOPSA is an all volunteer organization and without involvement by the membership LOPSA will not succeed. LOPSA depends on volunteers to help out at conferences, find sponsors, do the back office tasks, etc. We need members to help out with the following areas:

  • Executive (Board of Directors)

    - Provides effective leadership and management of the organization so that it is viable, expanding and true to its mission.
    - Complies with legal requirements so the organization can continue to exist (that includes filing required forms and documents).
    - Provides financial oversight.

  • Leadership Committee
    - Recruits volunteers.
    - Ensures volunteers have a position in the organization and can perform the duties of that position, to their benefit and that of the organization.
    - Creates Board election slates and runs Board elections.

  • Marketing/Communications Committee
    Communicates to members.
    - Communicates to sponsors.
    - Communicates to the public.
    - Conducts effective promotion and marketing to increase demand for LOPSA membership.
    - Conducts effective promotion and marketing to increase demand for sponsoring LOPSA.
  • Registration
    Enlightens prospective members and helps them to join.

    - Enlightens prospective sponsors and helps them to donate.

  • Member Services
    - Responds to member inquiries and concerns.

  • Sponsor Services
    - Responds to sponsor inquiries and concerns.

  • LOPSA Conferences
    - Organizes and runs conferences to provide training services to practitioners, and to host workshops to advance the practice of system administration.

  • Professional Recognition
    - Creates and manages programs and awards to recognize system admininistrators.

  • Mentorship, Education and Training Committee
    - Supports practitioners (and aspirants) through the Mentorship Program
    - Liaises with educators.
    - Curates list of degree programs in system administration.
    - Curates list of professional certification programs in system administration.
    - Creates and provides training services.

  • Locals
    - Supports and develops Local Affiliates and Chapters.

  • Professional Content
    - Maintains The Guide to System Administration Body of Knowledge.
    - Produces other content to advance system administration as a profession.

  • Speakers Bureau
    - Provides training to speakers on public speaking.
    - Publishes a list of speakers.
    - Curates list of conference CFPs.

  • Quality Management
    - Monitors the quality of the actions, processes, and outcomes of the organization and continuously improves them.
    - Trains the staff and volunteers of the organization.

  • Conferences and Events
    - Represents LOPSA at conferences and community events.

  • Public Services
    - Serves the public through education and outreach on system administration issues.

If you are interested in helping out, please contact board@lopsa.org.

The League of Professional System Administrators
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Bridgewater, NJ, 08807
Email: info@lopsa.org

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