September 2018 LOPSAgram

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  1. Call for Donors
  2. Member Spotlight
  3. LISA 2018, will you help?
  4. Chapter News
  5. Brazilian Chapter Forming
  6. Dell Discounts Available

September 2018 LOPSAgram

1. Call for Donors

As a non-profit organization, donations and recurring memberships are the lifeblood of LOPSA.

As we continue to ramp up our activity and outreach, this naturally has associated expenses. We hope you'll consider making a tax-deductible donation to LOPSA so that we can continue building community and making more benefits available for our members.

2. Member Spotlight

Mark Lamourine

I'm Mark Lamourine. I've chosen to take up the task of communicating and working with the LOPSA local groups.

I've been a member of the LOPSAish community since I attended my first LISA conference in 1993.  My most visible contribution was probably A Day In The Life, an attempt, working with Barb Djiker to quantify what we do...did. It was 1999. Things have changed. A lot.

Today I have a vested interest in promoting the locals community. Until recently I was a regular attendee and one-time presenter at Back Bay LISA (BBLISA) in the Boston area. I watched the organizers find speakers each month for years. I put my hand in now and then but in general, the core people (basically two of them) really bound the group together.

Within the last year, both of these core people have bowed out and moved on. Both had served totally on their own personal initiative literally for decades. BBLISA has never been a formal group and so, without their continued attention, our regular meetings have lapsed again.

When we, the new members of the new LOPSA board were allocating roles, the idea of working with the local groups was instantly appealing to me. I think promoting our profession close to the work is the best way to reach new members and support current ones. It's one of the concrete ways we can improve our visibility and provide value to our members. It makes good use of our limited resources and our unlimited enthusiasm. I like the idea of learning the different ways that local groups can organize and support themselves, and how they can share their knowledge. With the lapse of BBLISA, it's become personal again.

I mean to reach out over the next few weeks to the leadership of our local groups to learn how things stand, how they work, what they bring and what we at LOPSA can do to support their work. I hope to be your advocate and I hope to use what I learn to see if BBLISA can be revived again in some form.

3. LISA 2018, will you help?

We need volunteers to work the booth for the 2018 LISA conference.  LISA hosted by Usenix begins on October 28th and proceeds through the 31st. LOPSA traditionally has a substantial presence at LISA and needs volunteers to work this year's. The LISA conference is held in Nashville Tennessee.

Omni Nashville Hotel
250 Fifth Ave South
Nashville, TN 37203

Sign Up

If you'd like to represent your community at this years LISA conference, you may also e-mail the Community Manager at

4. Chapter News

East Tennessee

LOPSA-ETENN held a presentation hosted by Ben Taylor on Endpoint Security. This event was held at Tek Systems on September 4th.


Given the constantly evolving cyber threat landscape, it is imperative to consider a multi-layered defense strategy in your environment. The foundation for this strategy begins with your endpoint security solution. Traditional, definition-based antivirus solutions are struggling to keep up. Blake will take you through his recent evaluation and selection process, highlighting available features and capabilities that are prevalent today. He will also give a retrospective on the presumptions entering the implementation and the lessons learned from the implementation process.

About the speaker

Blake has worked as a Windows System Engineer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory since 2016. His primary focus in this time has been endpoint management, desktop virtualization, and PowerShell scripting. Prior to coming to ORNL, he spent 7 years at EnergySolutions focusing on desktop virtualization, patch and software management, and Active Directory administration. In his spare time, he enjoys playing League of Legends, playing tennis and spending time with his wife Katie and his 2 dogs, Baxter and Max.


SASAG held a viewing party and discussion September 13th. Refreshments were graciously provided by Fuzzy Logic.


The current plan is to watch James Mickens newest video, a keynote from the USENIX Security Symposium titled:

"Q: Why Do Keynote Speakers Keep Suggesting that Improving Security is Possible?"


To be followed by a serious discussion about security.

Addendum: We expect to have a Vive Pro VR right on site for this event, that people will be able to try for 5-10 minutes each.

Food for 2018 meetups is sponsored by

5. Brazilian Chapter Forming

Marcos Alano is an enthusiastic LOPSA member and Linux System Administrator from Novo Hamburgo in Brazil. 

Mr. Alano is actively recruiting new members in Brazil to start a chapter there. This would not only be the first Brazilian, but also the first chapter in South America.

If you'd like to be involved you may e-mail Marcos directly, or join the Brazilian Mattermost Team space.

6. Dell Discounts Now Available

Active volunteers such as Delta Pack or Chapter organizers now qualify for discounts on hardware from Dell! If you would like to take advantage of this partnership deal, please contact the Community Manager at with your preferred e-mail address for your e-coupon.

Business-Class Products  Consumer-Class Products  Electronics and Accessories 

Business-Class Products 

 Consumer-Class Products

Electronics and Accessories 

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